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Extend Your Reach EVERYWHERE On The Web

Engage with every potential leads and convert them to recurring customers

Have you harness the
of your rental business?

We Know The Struggle Of The Room Rental Business

Room Rental Business is a very lucrative business model in Malaysia, but it is also becoming harder to expand due to the rapid competition.


More and more operators are now Offering Lower Rental Rate, Zero Deposit, Cashback or a Shorter Contract to attract more customers. 


The competition ends up become a “Buyer Favor market”, now you have to invest a lot more to make lesser profit.

You need The Right Solution to win this game

Your team need The Right Tools to archive the Ultimate Success for your business.


Especially in today’s digital world, your potential prospects are everywhere on the web, you just have to extend your marketing arm to reaching them, you need some smart tools to capture client info and do a close follow up to convert them to become your tenants.


Fun Fact

If you have a room vacant for this month,

Your will LOSS RM300.

but if you can find a new tenant fast enough, you just turn
-RM300 to +RM300 in your balance sheet.

So, which one you prefer?


1. LOSS RM300, Leave the room vacant, it is a general practice.
2. EARN RM300, always have potential customers line up to fill up your rooms.

The Imaginary Marketing System Finally Come To Live

iboost Marketing Suite
Covered All Your Marketing need
to Skyrocket Your Revenue!


Auto post your room listing to all major room directories on daily basis, select your prefered hour to boost your listing for maximum visibility.

Room Network We Covered

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Reaching your potential customers via famous social network. We will auto post your room listing daily to many major network such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

Social Network We Covered

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Increase your market share with your own website.
We will even constantly SEO your website for better google ranking.

iWeb Business | iWeb Agent

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* FREE Limited Time Bonus


iSender is specially design for you to send mass whatsapp message to your prospect or customers.
Convert more sales or engagge with your tenant for offer, event announcement or just sending season greatings.

* FREE Limited Time Bonus


iLeads is a leads capture system and newsletter automation. Every opt in prospect will receive 4 specially design newsletters to convert them from strangers to become your customers. And the best part is, The system is fully automated.

* FREE Limited Time Bonus


Communicate with your tenants with email direct marketing, you can send out broadcast email to your tenants, or send season or birddat greeting automatically. (Our system will auto import & sync your ibilik+ tenant email data.)

* FREE Limited Time Bonus


Keep your customer happy with fast response. iSupport provide you with your own support ticket system.
Stand out from other competitors with incredible tenant feedbacks and good reviews.
One happy customer will lead to 100s new referances.

* FREE Limited Time Bonus


iTeam is the productivity software to improve your team and workflow efficientcy, it come with a Customer Relationship Management system, Project management system, Kanban Board, todo list, Human Resources system and many more.

* FREE Limited Time Bonus


We do everything for you with our AI driven software, you do not need to do anything manually, just seat back and relax.

Furthermore, You will receive all these limited time bonuses worth RM25,236/Year if you join us within the offer period.

Check this incredible offer.

* FREE Limited Time Bonus

Seat back & relax, iRoom will publish your Listing everywhere

iRoom development team have developed the Winning Formula these years to Auto Posting your listing on autopilot.

You can count on us for your room listing publications.

Network we cover:
Roomz, Landplus, Roomsos, Carousell, iBilik, Mitula, Trovit,,, Mudah and many more coming soon.

Take advantage of the Trending Social Media.

If you want to become successful in you market, you Should Not Overlook the influences of the Social Network


iSocial is here to help setup your own Branding Social Network and actively posting to these platforms.

Social Network we cover:
Facebook Group, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, Reddit, Blogger.

Awesome iWeb Business Websites

Your Business DESERVE
a professional website

A professional website is now an Essential Factor in the modern day to gain trust and convert leads to become long term customers.

The first impression of your website will have a long-term effect of your brand and it result in your business grows.

iWeb will provide you a Stunning Website showcase your live room listings feed.

Other awesome features

Our features will help
to improve your business

iboost is not another software that only provide general analysis. It is a combination of series of marketing tools, such as:

  • – Marketing AI Robots
  • – Customer Relationship Management
  • – Human Resources Management System
  • – Email Direct Marketing System
  • – Project Management System
  • – Leads Management System
  • All Under One Roof.

    You can now utilize this Evolutionary Business Suite to grow your business. And the best part is, the price is unbelievable low now : ) 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with industrial standard CRM & fast respond Support Ticket.

Make More Money

iboost extend your reach to every palces with potencial customers, now you be more confident for your business expension.

Improve Business Productivity

Your business can work like a well oiled machine with the right automation tools.

Time Saver

Time is money, iboost can save your team precious time for more important task.

Create Brand Awareness

Build your brand impression across social media and let people regconize your brand.

Room Industry IT Developer

We are developers with experience in the Room Rental Market. We understand your business workflow.

We Continue To Development

Our experience developers will continue to develop useful tools for iboost users, you will get unlimited values from this subscription.

A Win Win Deal

We can continue to design & build IT infrastructure for your business because of your continue support. It is a WIN WIN situation for all.

Upcoming Development

We will continue to develop
useful software for your business

Here is the future planning (coming soon)

  • – Affiliate system (iRefer)
    – Survey system (iQuee)
    – Room checkout system (iCheckout)
  • – Team Zoom Meeting (iZoom)
  • – Customer loyalty system (iLoyalty)
  • – Localize room network posting (iRoom)
  • – Image to video Maker (iTube)

* if you join us now, your subscription price will always remain,
regardless of how many new products and services we add to the package.

Pay Close Attention If You Already Feel Like This Is A No Brainer DEAL!

Now You Will Even Get All These Bonuses


(Limited Time: If you signup within the offer period!!!)
  • Setup Your Company Branded Private Social Network. (Worth RM699)

    We will signup and setup your own branded social network accounts, plus daily auto post to your network.

  • Import Your Listing To Other Room Platforms. (Worth RM599)

    We will signup,, and account for you and copy ALL your listings to these platform.

  • Your Company Branded Website. (Worth RM1,899)

    We will setup your Company Branded Website FREE OF CHARGE, a website featuring your Live Room Listing & A Blogging System.

  • FREE .my Website Domain Name & Free Hosting. (Worth RM388/Year)

    We will buy your desire .my or domain for your website and host your website on first class web hosting.

  • FREE Monthly SEO Service for your website. (Worth RM899/Month)

    We Will SEO your website Monthly to gain google search engine ranking and traffic.

  • Your Room Listing Get Listed On Trovit & Mitula. (Worth RM288/Month)

    Your Listing Will Get Free Publication to Our Pay Per Click Partner Network. (Mitula & trovit)

  • Your Company Support Ticket System. (Worth RM188/Month)

    You will get a FREE Support Ticket System to serve your tenants.

  • Free Leads Capture & Newsletter System. (Worth RM288/Month)

    Your Company Own Leads Capture & Newsletter System to auto followup with your prospects. (Free 5000 email credits every month, Worth RM298/Month)

  • Free Email Broadcast System. (Worth RM298/Month)

    FREE Email Direct Marketing System to broadcast email to your customers, send birthday greetings, special even or offer and more.

    (Sync wih ibilik+: Your client’s email, first name and birthday in the newsletter system will automatically synchronize with your ibilik+ client database.)

  • Free Whatsapp Marketing Blaster. (Worth RM99/Month)

    A specially developed marketing software for you to blast whatsapp message to your prospect or client.

  • Free CRM & Project Manager. (Worth RM199/Month)

    Your Own Company CRM and Team Project Management System.

And Other Exclusive Features We Will Develop & Add to the system from time to time. (Priceless Values!!!)

Let's Calculate The Total Bonus Values You Will Get:

Frequently asked Question

iboost features FAQ!

Please contact sale if you have more questions: Whatsapp Me

The services offer in this package have been developed over 5 years and have spent more than RM600k+ for the whole development. Most of the features were suggested & practice by a largest room rental company in Malaysia.
We are only offering this special offer price to the first 30 customers only for a limited time. (The regular price is RM899/month) If you check on our site, we don’t even have an official sale page for public, we only create a dedicated offer page for the client we meet up personally. if a client gives up the opportunity, we will just pass this opportunity to the next customer. This deal is: Once gone, it is really gone!!
You will have access to iboost user dashboard, navigate to "listing" then you can browse variuos posting reports.
iboost agent package is only RM188/month, you can buy agent package in your user dashboard after you subscribe to a business package.
Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime. iboost is charging monthly fee, if we do not perform, you can cancel it anytime.
Get started now and becoming a winner in the market

Attention: iboost is NOT always for sale!
once timer below is over, you won't see the same deal again anymore...

Regular Price:

iboost iAgent RM188/m
  • iRoom 3 post per day
  • iSocial 3 post per day
  • iWeb Agent Website *
  • * Agent package require a reference from an active iboost business member.
  • * Business user can buy agent package in the user dasboard.

Regular Price:

iboost iBusiness RM388/m
  • iRoom 3 post per day
  • iSocial 3 post per day
  • iWeb Business Website *
  • Newsletter System *
  • Support Ticket System *
  • Team Management System *
  • and many more bonuses *
* item with asterisk is only available for a limited time

What is iRelax?

iRelax is the State Of The Art workflow we designed to give our client A peace of mind user experience.


If you have read through the page, you might have notice, we DO NOT request client to do any tedious work to setup anything or have to learn 20+ hours of video tutorials.


Imagine if you buy all the software from online 3rd party companies, you have to go through all different learning curve and long hours setup, not mention yet, it will be very expensive.


Our experience staff will do all the setup for you, and you only need to provide few information such as your desire domain name and your ibilik profile name. 


Now you can RELAX, the whole process to enhance your marketing system is so calm and in the State Of Zen


Auto post to all major rooms portal.

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Auto post to all major social network.

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Top Malaysia Social Network Traffic Statistic

Let’s find out the highest traffic network where most Malaysian visit daily.